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                    Our workforce pay close attention to every detail from the bilge finish to the securing of mechanical and hydraulic components. You can find the specialized detailing on the furniture and joinery everywhere, all considered an individual masterpiece by our professionals, some of them with us for more than 2 decades. These people has a wealth of experience in composite boatbuilding, propulsion, electrical and plumbing systems, carpentry, metal fabrication and fine tuning work. All Zhen Shing yachts are built to ABYC guidelines and CE rules, plus our shipyard quality management system isDNV ISO9001-2000 certified, which is the best guarantee of their supreme quality all around the world. Every equipment or system onboard will be installed properly, checked by our QC inspector and signed off by the authorized dealer before delivery to the owner.

                    Professional Manufacturer of fishing Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá, passenger Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá, working Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá, yachts and other Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá.
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